For over 30 years Craig Rockwood has been our family attorney.
Attorney Rockwood has been entrusted with all aspects of my family’s
legal matters. He has excelled in all areas – complicated estate planning
to personal issues, as well as business planning. Craig has always been
compassionate and understanding to me and my family.  We consider him to part of our family. Richard P.


Craig Rockwood has represented my family for thirty years. He has been instrumental in the purchase of my home, my business, as well as my estate planning. I have looked to him for advice concerning several matters, personal and professional and he is always there with the guidance and answers I need. Craig is fair, honest and generous with his time and commitment. He cares deeply about his clients, gives them personal attention and is an invaluable, trusted advisor. I am truly lucky to have Craig in my corner.    Tiffany L.


Craig Rockwood has been my personal attorney for 10+ years and has been invaluable to me. What I find most unique about the Craig Rockwood legal practice is the man behind it. Many attorneys have solid legal expertise but Craig provides the solid legal expertise with a depth of personal care – not just in office visits but throughout the year. He keeps an eye out, keeps my matters current and in order and checks in from time to time. He developed a workable solution to a complex personal situation of mine that crossed multiple States in addition to handling typical personal matters. Fortunately for me, Craig is approachable and easy to talk with. He is timely in his responses, dependable, genuine, caring, a man of utmost integrity. Because of Craig, I have peace of mind.    Marilyn S.


Just a short note to say how much we appreciate Craig Rockwood as our lawyer. Among many positive attributes, Mr. Rockwood is bright, knowledgeable, affable, and truly interested in providing advice that is concise, easy to understand [no mean accomplishment in his line of work!] while providing maximum benefit to the client. I’ve been a client for over a decade and I strongly recommend Craig Rockwood to oversee your legal needs.   Dan H.